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"The main goal for kindergarten is to convey to students that the world is an exciting place worthy of intense investigation. Thus, students should be given as many opportunities as possible to experience and interact with their environment and the living and non-living things within it." --Karen Olson, Science Continuum of Concepts
Reading/Language Arts: Each day, your child will be exposed to stories, poetry, music and chants to become enriched with language. We meet in large and small reading groups daily to work on reading or reading readiness skills and concepts. One of the programs we use is Scholastic's Literacy Place. Phonics and Whole Language are both important pieces of the puzzle.
Writing:  As children learn letters and the sounds they make, they begin to hear sounds in words as they write.  They learn to print letters, words and sentences at their own pace without pressure.  Students dictate stories, keep a notebook, copy print and use inventive spelling to express ideas.
Math: We are a Harcourt Math school, but we also use Mathland and Math Their Way. The units are Sorting and Classifying, Patterns and Movement, Matching and Counting, Numbers, Geometry, Money, Measurement, Time and Exploring Addition and Subtraction. These are all taught using a hands-on approach.
Science/Social Science: Thematic units are used each month to teach important concepts in this area. Health and Safety are ongoing themes taught in lessons throughout the year.
The Arts: Chico Country Day School has an emphasis on the Arts. Music, dance, visual art and drama connect with our theme. Children have an opportunity to learn techniques as well as express themselves creatively. We are pleased to have a music teacher twice a week.
Physical Education/Movement: Kids love to move! We call it EXERCISE and we do it four times each week. We learn what our bodies can do, movement activities, large body skills, simple games, and aerobics for kids.
Homework: Homework includes reading, printing, math, and poetry. The work is not independent, so your child will need your help. This needs to be a positive experience. They usually love homework in Kindergarten!
Field Trips: We call these "study trips." We value "being-there experiences" and they are a huge part of our curriculum. We have at least one each month related to our themes.
Discipline: The word means "to teach," so we teach them Lifelong Guidelines and behavior expectations. We believe in positive discipline and recognize and reward positive behavior in many ways: recognition, prizes, parties, and privileges. We use class meetings to solve problems as they arise. 
Parent Volunteers: Throughout our school and grade levels, we would love your help in the classroom with the many little hands at  stations, field trips, prep work, etc.
Our VERY Flexible Daily Schedule: Children thrive on routines. It makes them feel safe. Our school day begins at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, ending at 2:15 p.m. On minimum days, Kindergarten begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 12:15 p.m..

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Kindergarten Admission Requirements:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Required School Forms

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