Bully-Proofing CCDS
Presentation by CCDS School Psychologist Amie Parent

For questons or concerns, please contact Amie at 895-2650 ext. 210

What parents can do to support children when a tragedy occurs:Top of Page

From the Chico Unified School District Website:

Parent Support During Crises

  • Provide structure, follow normal routines and encourage participation in family activities.
  • Children will differ according to their age in how much they understand this crisis and its relevance to their life
  • Parents should respond with reassurance of safety, love, patience, tolerance and increased availability.
  • Parents need to give children permission to express their emotions and not project their own emotions onto the child.
  • Parents need to understand that the most common childhood response to a crisis is regression. Unfortunately, this regression in behavior may come at the time when the parent is also effected by the crisis and therefore less able to deal with the regression.
  • Parents who think that their child is having an atypical or severe reaction are encouraged to call the school for assistance.
  • Parents are encouraged to participate in support activities provided by our community.
  • Parents should give their children the facts in age appropriate terms.
  • Small children should be protected from explicit news coverage.
  • Avoid extended television news watching, turn off the television for periods of time and engage in family activities.
  • Answer all questions that your child asks.

Should you have concerns regarding your child's reaction to a crisis please call:

Butte County Behavioral Health at 891-2810 or your child's school.


Safe School InformationTop of Page

School Safety is the highest priority at Chico Country Day School.

Members of the Safety Committee are:

  • Stuart Langford, Plant Manager
  • Stacy Ferguson, Office Manager
  • Nick Bauer, Parent
  • Margaret Reece, CBO
  • Debbie Hardesty, Teacher
  • Anne Marie Chik, Teacher
  • Jamie Saderup,Business Asst.
  • Pamela Wilson, Business Office Mgr.
In case of a catastrophic event that causes the school to be evacuated, the Safe School plan calls for an alternative meeting site where parents can meet with school officials to pick up their children.  The alternate school site is the Boys and Girls Club Gymnasium located at 601 Wall Street, Chico, CA. 

Flu & Immunization InformationTop of Page

Flu Outbreak Strategy for CCDS 

In anticipation of another active flu season this year, we have implemented the recommendations of the CDC. Students with flu-like symptoms will be isolated and required to wear a mask until picked up by a parent.  Please make sure that your emergency information is up to date in the office so that we can contact you in the event your child needs to be sent home.
Download a symptom screening tool for parents, in english or spanish, that you may use at home and a flu guide for parents from the CDC. 

Tdap Shot Required for all 7th Graders

All 7-12th graders are required to get a whooping cough vaccine (Tdap) before starting the school year.  Please read more information at www.shotsforschool.org and get your child(ren) vaccinated before the school rush.
For more information on immunizations or health concerns, please contact our school nurse, Liz Seaman at 895-2650 ext. 210.

Links for Healthy Bodies and Healthy MindsTop of Page

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