Our Measure of Success

We recognize that our school culture and environment is something we have to continually focus on. We know what our goals are as a staff and leadership and while we will always be growing, we want you to know what we are striving for.

We are successful when:

Our leadership nurtures...

  • A trusting & supportive environment
  • An organizational structure that is flexible and accountable
  • Effective teaching practices where student work is celebrated and shared publicly
  • Support of Project-based Learning
  • Equity and accessibility of curriculum challenging diverse learners
  • A professional collaborative environment with strong, respectful relationships
  • An appreciation of different perspectives and skillsets
  • Time for reflection and deeper learning

Our students...

  • Explain the learning goals and the purpose behind their work
  • Apply their skills and content knowledge to produce purposeful, meaningful work
  • Understand real world connections
  • Rely on reflective thinking
  • Use peer critiques and multiple drafts to create beautiful work

Our teachers …

  • Co-design meaningful, interdisciplinary projects
  • Engage in collegial conversations that improve teaching practices
  • Use protocols to ensure equitable voice
  • Develop deeper learning opportunities for their students
  • Implement project tunings and integrate technology in the classroom
  • Exhibit student work
  • Examine student work