Short Term Independent Study

Along with the new ways of educating our school community, whether hybrid or continued full distance learning, Chico Country Day School has new independent study requirements. Please carefully read the updated information regarding the California Department of Education Code, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as school CCDS requirements.



Mandatory zoom attendance during morning meetings (TK-5th) or 0 periods (6th-8th) for every school day, your child is on independent study. 



Altitude Learning Cards from the teacher(s) will be required to be completed within 5 school days from the final school day your child was on independent study. 

Continuing from our previous requirements, students not completing their work will not participate in our independent study program in the future.



Please contact our Independent Study Coordinator, Stacey Owen, at  a minimum of 5 school days before the absences to discuss your child’s absence, sign a contract via email, and set up an “exit” meeting to check the completion of their Altitude Cards. 

CCDS set a maximum of 10 school days per school year for all independent study absences.



On November 13, 2020, CDPH issued a travel advisory for non-essential travel requiring those who arrive in California from other states or countries must practice self-quarantine for 14 days after arrival. Californians are encouraged to stay at home or in their region and avoid non-essential travel.  Upon your return to school, make sure you fill out your STOPit Safe Screener.  Please also notify the office if you have traveled and will be in a 14-day quarantine. Use this link to learn more about the risk level for each State:  US COVID-19 Tracker Percent Positive



Based on the risk assessment level for COVID-19 in the country of travel, CCDS will follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for quarantine. As of November 2020, all international travel is considered “ Level 3 Risk is High”; therefore, a 14-day quarantine after your return will be required regardless of a negative COVID-19 test since it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show regardless of a negative COVID-19 test. Upon your return to school, make sure you fill out your STOPit Safe Screener. For more information and up-to-date risk level, see the CDC website.   

International COVID-19 Tracker