Short Term Independent Study

Short-Term Independent Study for Planned Absences

CCDS encourages families to plan vacations and travel time around scheduled school holidays and days off. In the event that you have travel plans that conflict with our school calendar, families may participate in our short-term independent study program. Independent Study is designed to help students stay current on classwork while they are away from the classroom for a minimum of 3 but no more than 10 days.

To request independent study for your student, please submit this form a minimum of 5 school days before the planned absences. An independent study meeting will be scheduled, where we review the planned absences, sign an independent study contract, and set up an “exit” meeting to verify completion of assignments. 

Questions on independent study can be directed to our Independent Study Coordinator, Stacey Owen, at 

CCDS has set a maximum of 10 school days per school year for independent study absences. Students who do not complete their independent study work per the contract will not be allowed to participate in our independent study program in the future.

Short-Term Independent Study: COVID-19 Quarantine

CCDS will provide short-term independent study for students who are home from school on quarantine. Stacey Owen, our Independent Study Coordinator, will contact parents to discuss the independent study plan and ensure your student has everything needed to continue school work while at home. You may contact Stacey at

Independent Study Resources

Independent Study Request Form

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