Short Term Independent Study

We offer Short Term Independent Study opportunities to currently enrolled CCDS students with a qualified absence.

How to apply

Independent Study is a program designed to help students stay current on class work while they are away from the classroom for three or more days. Even though a student participates in Independent Study, it cannot replace the value of the work and collaboration that takes place in the classroom. If a student must be absent,  please fill out the Independent Study form (available online and in both offices) AT LEAST FIVE SCHOOL DAYS IN ADVANCE OF A PLANNED ABSENCE, and return to either office. You will be contacted at least one week before the absence to set-up a meeting for both you and your student(s) to review and sign the contract as well as receive the student's class work.

Please us this form to apply for independent study:  Independent Study Form 

We are here to answer your questions

Contact Stacey Owen or the main office five school days in advance of any planned absence to make arrangements.