Our Values

While we value a lot of things at CCDS, there are five core values that we hold tightly as we navigate the school. These values help us hire the right staff and teachers, and they guide all of our decisions. We welcome you to further conversation with us about these values and how we are implementing them every day in our school.

  1. Collaboration – We believe that people have a voice and that collaboration between teachers, parents, students and staff will produce the best results for our students
  2. Deeper Learning – We believe in utilizing Innovative Educational Practices to deepen learning because we want students to learn how to learn. Our teaching styles are driven by current educational research. We foster an environment where both students and teachers are committed to high expectations for quality work and character/citizenship.
  3. Joyful learning – We value joy in our learning environment and it starts with our staff being joyful learners. Students can only catch the “joy of learning” from how we lead and teach.
  4. Responsiveness – We value responsiveness as an organization. Our goal is to shift and change as quickly as we can when we face challenges or find opportunities to change for the better
  5. Community Connection – We value connection to each other to the broader community of Chico, and to the world.