Project Based Learning

Learning can happen in many different ways, and at CCDS, you will find students engaged in Project Based Learning. This means that teachers are in a role of facilitator and lead students through inquiry projects based on open-ended, essential questions. These open-ended questions allow students to access the content at different levels and explore real-world implications for their work. As students progress through the project, they are learning and practicing skills such as collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem solving. Projects culminate with an Exhibition of Learning, where an audience is invited to interact with students and hear about their learning.

Project Based Learning in Action

Most projects integrate several curricular areas. This allows students to make connections within their learning and explore the topics in depth. Many project also involve some form of field work (a variation on field trips) where students venture off campus to learn key skills or meet experts in the field of study.

Our K-5 teachers utilize EL Learning curriculum for Language Arts. The EL curriculum is project based while also ensuring all required literacy skills are also addressed. Habits of scholarship and social - emotional learning is also integrated into this curriculum.

In the middle school, students continue with Project Based Learning. The rigor of the projects increases as their ability to engage in large scale projects evolves. Students are engaged in meaningful work, across the curriculum throughout their day.

In grades K-5, teachers utilize the Go Math curriculum and in grades 6-8, teachers use College Preparatory Math (CPM). Using these as a core structure, teachers also use their professional knowledge to extend learning opportunities.

Science and social science are often integrated into projects on a wider scale. All of our teachers have received training in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and follow the California State Standards for Social Science.

Why Project Based Learning

Our educational program is designed to challenge, engage, and empower students. We aim to do work that matters in this world because our students are living life now, not merely preparing for something they will encounter once their formal education years have finished.